A & B Movers Complaints - Very unprofessional – plenty damage and bad service!

After paying the R15000 to A&B Movers and being assured that their staff were professional and “gentle” we have experienced a totally disappointing situation. Boxes that were clearly marked with BIG FRAGILE Stickers and THIS SIDE UP indications where thrown and placed upside down with no care involved! The staff had to be stopped in the offloading process as they where being extremely rough, which only fell on deaf ears! Many things were destroyed and damaged due to the treatment of the boxes, but I am most concerned and upset about our plasma tv. Being in the packaging industry, I know how to package items effectively and have knowledge and access to all the best packaging materials. The plasma TV was wrapped in a triple layer of bubblewrap and 2 layers of cushion craft and then placed inside a double wall board, extra strength, industrial type box, specially designed for the TV – but they still managed to damaged and break the TV! They expect me to claim from insurance and I don’t see why I should pay and loose our bonus due to gross negligence on their part! If it was one item or small items broken I would understand…but as many items that were damaged, scrapped, broken and destroyed is just a reflection of utter unprofessional behavior and bad service! I have enquired since July 7th for something to be done and the customer service is just terrible. No one returns calls, messages or requests! This is our personal TV and now my children are having to suffer due to A&B’s lack of care! Treadmill equipment was lost, suede lounge suites are stained with oil, wooden tables are scratched and damaged…the list goes on and on…

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