Altec Autopage Complaints - Refuse to replace faulty phone

My mother has been a customer of Altec Autopage for more than 8 years. In August 2013 she upgraded to a Samsung S4, and after a long telephone conversation the phone got extremely hot. She replaced the cover, and in September 2013 Autopage send the phone in for repairs. 6 weeks later she got the phone back and it still got hot, the phone went in for repairs 3 times, and after receiving the phone it got as hot a 42degrees. She took the phone back and demanded a brand new phone, as she is paying for one. They gave her a refurbshed phone, where facebook was already downloaded and yet again the phone got hot. Once again, we demanded a new phone and the manager of Autopage Menlyn phoned her and said they will not give her a new phone, they are only willing to give her another refurbished phone.
She is currently paying for a S4 which is not in her posesion, and Autopage refuses to help us with a new phone. We went as far as Hello Peter (nothing came from my 2 complaints), Samsung SA (who is terribly slow in feedback), and now Beeld (who refuses to help as we made contact with Hello Peter).

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