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This is a thumbs down to all banks. You all put so many ads up – “moving you forward”, “Together yada, yada “……yeah like hell. We are involved in a small medium business but our bank(s) have not been willing to assist us with anything. Not with increasing our home loan or giving us a loan to assist us with our business or to consolidate or anything. Needless to say we have shut down our previous business and put several people out of work. Once again we would like to improve our situation but obviously to no avail. WHY????? – cause in our efforts firstly to make a difference we hit a few snags so we have been blacklisted and listed as a slow payers but we nevertheless still pay the bills. So it seems that in this country you have to be a perfect citizen. No debts no judgements no blacklisting regardless of the circumstances that you found yourself in at the time. So good bye making a difference to employing people or starting a small business which would employ people from our local community. Thank you South Africa for making this a great place to do business in.

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