Brent Oil Complaints - I got Robbed

I went to put petrol in my car, I asked the attendant for R100 unleaded. He was chatting to one of the other attendants and before I could finish asking him to pump my tires he started to put petrol in my car. Before I could stop him, he put R197 in my car. This all happened whilst he was chatting to his fellow attendat. I asked for the manager and was told that I will have to pay for this. Now how is this my fault, why was he chatting and not paying attention to me the customer. I am very upset about this, the manager said that I was the one gaining the petrol and thus will have to pay for it. Or they can pump the petrol out, I do not have time for this. The manager maid me feel that I was the one taking a chance. I feel that this is very unfair as I was not the one in the wrong. You can go and check the cctv it was on the 19th June between 13H50 and 14H08. The manager said that this happens all the time and this seems to me then to be a clever ploy to force people to buy more petrol. How many people will have the time to have the petrol pumped out of their cars. They are thus knowingly forcing people to pay for petrol that they did not ask for.

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