capfin Complaints - ILLEGAL TRANSACTIONS!

I took out a short term loan with capfin, upon the agreement it was said that they can debit me on the 20th of each month which the first month they proceeded to debit me on the 17th with this my risk profile on my cheque account was made high and qualifying me for no further financial assistance , and this will only clear after a year on my cheque account. capfin subsequently corrected the instalment date on my account and listened to the call of the original agreement and were all to apologetic , how ever this month they have the nerve to try and debit me on the 12th which is no where near my payment date and I never agreed to this and again I have a bounced debit order on my account which means the 12 month waiting period starts all over again. who gives people the right to dig in my bank account when they feel like it. I feel i need to change my bank account as the current 1 is not safe , capfin just tries to steal money when they want to. to make matters worse I went and applied for a cell phone contract and was declined because capfin had listed my name and account as outstanding with ITC . I do not see that this is legal and beg of you to advise me of a way forward ?? I can forward u my statments and risk profile thats ruined if need be, Please assist and advise where i stand in this matter.

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