Community Protection Forum [CPF] Strubenvale Springs Gauteng Complaints - Assault and intimidation on innocent people

I am totally disgusted with the CPF Springs Strubenvale. You drive innocently home late at night from work. You are tired and just want to get home on a Friday night. What do you get. A asshole driving with brights and fog lights. You flicker your lights to alert not them. You would thinkthey would dim. Normal decent people would have that courtesy. But NO no the CPF. They drive right up to your and blocks u so that you cant move. And asks with attitude. Do you have a f@$:ing problem. HELLO what do u think. At this stage you are scared coz u dont knw if this is a high jacking. You eventually get away after a few harsh words etc you finaly getawa. You think? NO. you get blocked in by 5 cars and pulled ou
t your car, punched in chest, fingers twisted. For what. And by the way. The chest you so punched just had 6 stents and balloon put in the heart. So you WANNA BEE police asshole you actually put a life in danger. And wr r suppoded to trust these people. NO NO NO

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