Craig Marks Diamonds Complaints - My Bad experience with Craig Marks diamonds:

My Bad experience with Craig Marks diamonds:
A few months ago I paid for a diamond ring to be made up for my fiancé by her daughter who worked for Craig Marks in Johannesburg at the time. She wanted to make this ring up in her own private capacity and use an independent manufacturer as a favour to her mother, as she had previously bought a beautiful diamond from elsewhere and wanted to use this in the ring for her mother.
The smaller diamonds which would accompany this ring were bought by her from an independent manufacturer. The ring was made up including the large diamond in the middle, with the smaller ones on the bands and then sent down to Cape Town to the Craig Mark’s branch once completed. Stacey Quinton and a colleague from Craig Marks then personally delivered the ring to me at my house as a favour for my fiancé’s daughter.
We noticed a minor problem with the ring and so the ring was then returned to my fiancé’s daughter and put right by the manufacturer. Stacey then collected the ring from the manufacturer in Johannesburg and brought it back to Cape Town after completion because she happened to be there at that time. When she got back to Cape Town, she failed to let us know she had the ring in her possession. We called several days later to discover where the ring actually was. Stacey told us she had it in the safe at the Cape Town branch, but when my fiancé went to collect it, she refused to hand it over.
Her excuse was that she had an issue with my fiancé’s daughter who around this time was fired by Craig Marks without notice. I informed her that this had nothing to do with my ring which I paid for in full, and she was to hand it to me. She again refused.
My question is: How can she decide to keep the ring in her possession which does clearly not belong to her or the company? I phoned my lawyer who told me it is against the law to do this. I again asked Stacey to return my ring because not only did it not belong to her or the company, but the fact is, I was planning to get married soon and this has put an awful burden on us and has upset my fiancé to an extensive degree. But Stacey couldn’t care less. She still adamantly refused to hand back my ring.
In fact the police at the Table View police station have told me Stacey has no right whatsoever to take the law into her own hands by holding onto something which clearly does not belong to her or the company. I have now laid a criminal charge of theft against Stacey Quinton.
I leave it up to the readers to decide if they would take a chance in dealing with a company who takes the law into their own hands.
I just hope no one else ever has to experience the uncompassionate and unprofessional manner in which Stacey Quinton has handled this situation.
Your comments are very welcome.

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Hi, The person complaining above fails to mention that his daughter in law worked for our company and stole the money from our company to pay for the above ring. We held the ring until we got the money back from his daughter in law. Needless to say she no longer works for us, we returned the ring once we had the money back.

FROM : cmd007 (2014-03-05 23:08:08)

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