DU PLESSIS & KRUYSHAAR Complaints - Excessive charges for collections

I recently received a letter from DU PLESSIS & KRUYSHAAR for collection of a doctors account with DR JOHANN C MADER i had. I had a medical aid at the time and wasn’t aware that the funds where depleted. I was not aware the doctor had not been paid. After a few phone calls and emails to the doctors room and the lawyers i realised what the problem was and agreed to pay the Account. The original amount was R337.06. The bill i received from the Lawyers came to 3,048.03 almost ten times the original amount.Upon studying the invoice i noticed they charge R62.70 for sending or RECEIVING an email. A sms will also cost you R62.70. The average cost of an sms charged by cell providers is about 50c. Surely R62.20 profit on a sms is excessive.R 65.35 plus the sms fee is charged for a reminder.Two short phone calls cost me R125.40 while the standard telkom rate is 42c per minute. This equates to 300 minutes. This looks like blatant robbery because you have choice to pay or the sheriff of the court will be knocking at your door. Please explain these ridiculous charges for non professional services.

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