Durban court Complaints - Crime set free

On the 28th of April 2012 around 7pm my boyfriend (24) was stabbed in his car while stopping at a robot. Three african men attacked him and stabbed him in his right shoulder centimeters away from a big vein linking his heart and arm. They tried getting him out the car to take his car but the seat belt got stuck. A witness from behind tried chasing them away from behind.
It all started when my boyfriend tried giving a beggar an apple when the three african men came and told the beggar to leave. “It all happened so fast”; said my boyfriend. Within five minutes the crime protect unit was at the scene. My boyfriend already lost a lot of blood and when I got there he was starting to fade away. We asked the police, who at that stage already caught one of the stabbers, how long the Ambulance is going to be and they told me it all depends on the medical aid he has. After an hour the Ambulance got there and took him to the nearest Hospital.
The police found the knife that was used and all three africans finger prints on the car. Also after a few months my boyfriend went to the police station to identify them.
On the 5/11/2012 was the hearing at the court. In the end the judge threw out the case for the simple reason “there is not enough evidence.”
This was attempted murder and attempted vehicle theft. If they did not even hesitate to stab and possibly kill then what would stop them the second time? I feel it is so unfair. Was it the judges son who got stabbed then that three african men would have been sent to jail for life. Why should someone else get hurt for the judges to learn the must be put away for life?

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