First National Bank Complaints - Compliant: Unable to close an account of a deceased.

On 20 November 2010 as the executor of my dad’s estate, I requested FNB at Centurion Lifestyle centre to close his 32 day notice account and transfer all funds to a Standard bank account. Till today, this has not been done. On 8 December 2012 I went to the branch and was informed by Diane Kruger that they had submitted all documentation to the deceased estate department. The deceased estates department has indicated that they have no documents. I then re-submitted documents that they indicated they required. I then received a call today from the estate department that additional documents are necessary. How many times must I submit documents to FNB? Where are all the certified documents that they took in 2010. I going to take the matter to ombudsman for banking. Whether they can assist is debatable, but somebody at FNB needs to catch a wake-up. Do they think that I sit around waiting to go and get documents for them as and when they need it. Why can’t they do something right the first time round.

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