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To whom it may concern
Let me start off by saying that in August 2010 my now ex-wife and I split up. She did get a little creative at the FNB Bank Pretoria North branch and decided to fraudulently sign my name on personal loans paying the bank official helping her bribes to do so. Although she did have signing rights on my account as I work out of Pretoria surely I should have been in the bank to sign my own name for these personal loans. I only found this out after she left as I saw my contact details had been changed hence no calls from the bank well the honest ones that work there anyway. I did lay a charge of fraud against her at the Pretoria North police station, case number 147/8/2010 as was advised by a lady at FNB bank who picked up irregularity of the three loans as they were granted by the same bank official.
I did talk to my estrange wife then about her creative accounting and she did confess to doing so. She wanted to own up to it and went to the Pretoria North police station and made a full written confession. In short she confessed to signing my name, paying bribes to the official and to the fact that I had no idea about these three personal loans. One would then think after the banks investigation that this would be a done deal the ex-wife should pay back these loans. Some more debt review documents from a Cape Town company then appeared. The bank then instructed me that threw these documents I was liable for these loans. This is where it got a bit hazy for me because yes I did sign some documentation to the effect that we would consolidate our debt the cars the bond but nothing about personal loans or debt review. I did ask for copies of these documents but never received them. I did say to them that I don’t think that all those signatures where all mine. Needless to say that a copy of the documents front page did arrive on my e-mail and I must say that I was shocked to see the version of my signature not even a signature but initialled ,my 15 year old daughter could have done better than this . This is scary because this was investigated by the FNB fraud department and to be honest I think a 6 year old child would have been able to see the difference in signatures.
After all off that nonsense done I was still not satisfied with the banks decision so I decided to go to the Ombudsman .A long story short the banks reply to the Ombudsman and myself was that I A Melhuish have no obligations to these three loans. Hooray OR so I thought. A few copies have been sent to the relevant people at FNB. Went to two FNB bank branches to have this sorted out and yes you guessed it since May month 2011 when I received the attached letter to date those loans are still on my name. Well done FNB you are a great bank for fraudsters as they do get away with it at you’re fine establishment
I am so impressed with FNB that I am going to report them to the credit regulators to show them what a stunning job you guys are doing

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