GCD Investment Trust Complaints - Nedbank branch manager who couldn’t care less

I’m an accountant who obtained a power of attorney (POA) from one of the Trustees (An Attorney) of a Trust (My client) who has 19 bonds with Nedbank. The Trustee who signed the POA is busy dealing with a crisis in that the Trust is insolvent and the other two Trustees have fled the country because of the debt in the Trust. My client is now in negotiations with one of the runaway Trustees’ sons in London over a settlement figure on the debts owing. On Monday the 1st of December I went into the Nedbank Cascades branch to obtain the statements for the 19 bonds (All of which are in arrears) to get a total outstanding debt figure so that the Trust can pay back the debts. I was eventually referred via 3 consultants to Chantal Joshua, the branch manager, who in my opinion is ridiculously unfit to be a branch manager. She was unable to understand the complexity of my query and immediately declared my POA invalid without even reading it. After much negotiating Chantal was forced to assist me and send off my POA to the legal dept. I was then told I would be contacted on Tuesday with an answer. Eventually on Thursday I had to go into the branch in person as I had not yet been contacted. To date I have still not been contacted by Chantal or Nedbank on the issue. I find it mightily concerning that Nedbank is happy to shaft the remaining Trustee who is looking to comply and repay back the outstanding debts. Chantal Joshua is certainly the most incompetent branch manager I have ever dealt with from any bank what so ever.

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