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I rented the holiday apartment, 41 Chesapeake Bay, from Gradwell Letting from 29 Dec 2012 to 3 Jan 2013.
My horror story begins on 29 December 2012, day of arrival. The first incident we had was with the apartment keys. Due to the amount of rust on the keys, when I attempted to unlock the door of the apartment the key broke. I immediately contacted the first person on the list the agency provided. April (first contact person), informed me that I need to call the second contact. i then called the second contact who referred me back to the first contact. TWO HOURS LATER, when the two were done sending me on a wild goose chase, one of the brainiacs eventually decided to call a locksmith. After 3 hours of waiting outside we eventually got into the apartment. The locksmith removed the lock but could not replace it with another at the time, so we spent that evening in an apartment which could not be lock.
The first thing I did upon entering the unit was to inspect it. The unit smelled like something had died in it, the bed in the main bedroom had dirty sheets, there were strands of hair left in the shower, the microwave was rusted, the stove was a health hazard (plates were completely rusted and the oven inches away from falling out of whatever was keeping it in place) , the ceiling in the living area had water damage and was shedding paint, the fridge hadn’t been defrosted in a while, and to top it off the apartment was infested with cockroaches. I’ve stayed at two other establishments in Margate before and not once have I experienced a cockroach problem. This unit was just not looked after.
When I finally received my deposit back after close to 4 weeks, the agency deducted an amount for hangers which were missing. Unfortunately I could not prove that the hangers were gone before we arrived because the housekeeper, April ( the same genius I called regarding the key problem) refused to provide me with an inventory list for the unit.
So my advice, if you want to keep your sanity avoid Gradwell Letting and especially 41 Chesapeake Bay.

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