Graham McMaster Complaints - The dubious practices of Graham McMaster of Gogo Roofing and Painting Specilalists

On 12 October 2012 Graham McMaster of Gogo Roofing and Painting Specialists quoted me R15 000 for the repair and waterproofing of a corrugated roof on the lounge of my house. One of the 14 points listed on the quotation stated that Graham McMaster undertook to “Re-secure corrugated sheeting where necessary with new Tek screws and rubber washers.”
The total amount minus deposit was paid on 26 October 2012. A ten-year guarantee on waterproofing, painting and workmanship listed on the quote was a deciding factor for me to contract Graham McMaster to do the work he offered.
The problem encountered as a result of no supervision during the work and the poor workmanship will be detailed under Roof A at the end of this report.

On 17 October 2012 Graham McMaster of Gogo Roofing & Painting Specialists quoted R 15 000 for the repair and waterproofing of a pitched and slanted corrugated roof on a building I utilise as a studio cum art gallery on my property. (Roof B)
I took the telephone number from a quarter page display advert in the 2012 Yellow Pages. (Later Graham McMaster told me that he had a dispute with Telkom over payment for the advertisement. The 2013 Yellow Pages does not list his Gogo Roofing advert).
I accepted Graham McMaster’s quote, paid 50 per cent deposit on the promise that all leaks would be sealed to my entire satisfaction and that a ten year guarantee on waterproofing, painting and workmanship is issued. A 24-hour telephonic backup service was offered as part of the quotation. McMaster claimed to have completed the work on 26 October 2012. I had paid a deposit of R12 000 and the balance of R18 000 minus R2 000 “deduction for timberwork not done” (on roof A) as quoted on the final Invoice, Nr 211159 issued by Graham McMaster. Gogo Roofing Guarantee No 1033, valid from 26 October 2012 for roof B was, on my insitance, issued on the same day. The total amount paid was R28 000 but in spite of several requests, a separate written guarantee for Roof A was never supplied by Graham McMaster.
Three days after I had paid the total amount for what I was assured was “a job completed”, rain entered through the roof and ceiling at a wall McMaster claimed to have sealed. Graham McMaster detected two holes that had been “overlooked”, and claimed to have sealed them. Meanwhile my walls had suffered water damage and the ceiling starting to sag.
Within days the roof was leaking worse than before, with the water pouring down walls and dripping through the ceiling boards causing damage to the ceiling, walls and floor. Graham McMaster was very annoyed, claiming that he had done all he could but insisted that I call him at any time water entered the building so that he could witness this himself. He implied that the water seeped into the building below the door. He also claimed that the rain would seep through the wall below the facial boards and suggested to seal these with polyfilla. Five days later he dropped off two workers to attend to the matter. Graham McMaster did not inspect the roof other than giving it a glance from ground level. No corrugated plate was removed but patch-up work with polyfilla was carried out on the walls. During the afternoon Jabulane, one of the workmen, was sleeping on the concrete floor in front of my garage while Piet, with a brush ready to paint, asked me for matching paint to cover part of a facia board and the spots on walls filled with polyfilla. (His quote included waterproofing parapet walls with two coats RVL Lastifklex). When Graham McMaster arrived late that afternoon, he requested a roller to complete the painting of the patchy facia board. I pointed out an open area between two corrugated iron sheets I could see from ground level. Piet claimed that he was short of material. I supplied my own left-over Flexicote. Graham McMaster made it clear of not wanting to be called out again. Indeed, during the coming weekend the flood in the building, again from the same area it had leaked from the start, was worse than ever. I tried for a week to call Graham McMaster. He did not accept my calls. The cell number he had listed as his office number on his letterhead was answered by a male voice denying to know McMaster. Graham McMaster of Gogo Roofing had not listed a physical address on his letterhead and his written guarantee. The telephone number was that of a pay-as-you-go phone. He had told me that he lived at Olympus Country Estate in Pretoria East, but when I went there, I was told that he had left four months earlier to an unknown address.
Graham McMaster replied to my letter in writing, stating that I had given his workmen instructions to paint the facia board and that I had portrayed him as a fly-by-night operator and he would therefore no longer deal with me.

When I enquired at the police station whether McMaster’s conduct could be interpreted as fraudulent, Warrant Officer Mc Creanor telephoned Graham McMaster, to be told by Graham McMaster, that he would refund me R10 000 by the end of December. Graham McMaster has confirmed this to me but needless to say that he has not kept his word.
As I was not able to contact a company during the December and early January period to repair the severe damage caused as a result of Graham McMaster’s Gogo Roofing lack of roofing knowledge, integrity and professional workmanship. The R15 000 paid to Graham McMaster was thrown away.
I refrain from calling Graham McMaster of Gogo Roofing a fly-by-night operator,
I must say that he, by his own admission a former nightclub bouncer, has deceived me and I consider him therefore an unprofessional operator that should not be trusted.
I strongly advise anyone needing roof repairs not to accept any quotation issued by Graham McMaster on a letterhead that fails to give his physical address and his position with the company he claims to represents. I also advise that a pay-as-you-go telephone should not be accepted when entering a major business deal such as the repair, waterproofing and painting of a roof.
If you still fall for Graham McMaster’s smooth talk, take his ID number and check his business registration, his car license and ask for three written references. If you are still convinced that you have done the right thing, have the work checked by a professional roofer, and request an invoice meeting the requirements of the Receiver of Revenue before you pay him a cent. A 30-day period to pay the account is being generous. (Also note, seven out of 14 points on his quote contain the words “if necessary’. Compare this with quotes from professional roofers.) Graham McMaster is an ex-Zimbawean with his father, from whom he had taken over Gogo Roofing, living in New Zealand. According to his own words he “stuffed up” his previous business as an employment agent.

Graham McMaster is listed under ROOFING CONTRACTORS on page 348 of the 2013 Yellow Pages as follows:
McMaster G: Furrow Falls 4 Furrow Rd
Equestria Pretoria 079 486 0841

A detailed account of the above, including photographs taken at the various stages of the flooding as a result of the horrendous workmanship of Graham McMaster of Gogo Roofing and copies of the quotation and ten-year guarantee may be supplied on request.

On 13 January 2013 I noted raised corrugated sheets joining the gutter of the roof on my lounge. A glance from a ladder revealed that nails had been used at the problem areas instead of new Tek screws, and in some instances these were not inserted into the wooden support but missed the wood altogether. At another point nails had split the wooden support beneath and the corrugated sheeting is therefore no longer secure. I left a message on McMaster’s cell phone on 13 January 2013 at 08:30, and notified him of the disgusting workmanship in writing by means of sending him a text message on the same day. I followed this up by email on 14 January 2013 but have had no reply to my plight.

Photographs of the faulty workmanship are available to anyone on request.

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Hi Eric, we had the same run in with his father John. He did our roof and paintwork everything was over R 140 000. With the first rain our house looked like a waterfall! We called several times John never came back and eventually Graham showed up explaining he bought the business from John and this guy John messed up and are leaving him with all the problems and he is not going to take over John's 10 year guarantee, He made as if he barely new this John but that is why the saying like father like son is in this case very true!I called Paintcor the supplier of the paint to come and have a look because after 2 months the house started pealing! I gave them John's qoute and the invoice for R 62 000 that we paid and they couldnt believe it. They said John didnt prepared the walls and he also didnt use the paint that was quoted, he used a much cheaper product. They actually supplied us with the correct paint we just paid for labour to fix the house and said they will not supply paint to GOGO roofing again.

FROM : Gadd (2013-01-30 13:08:25)

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