Hyundai Centurion Complaints - Unsatisfactory Service

UNSATISFACTORY SERVICE BY HYUNDAI CENTURION On 2/1/15 I’ve booked my vehicle (Hyundai i10 1.25 GLS – Reg Nr BR80ZVGP with Hyundai Centurion for 29/1/15 and was assisted by Thembi. I’ve arranged with Hyundai Centurion that I will bring in my vehicle on 28/1/15 before 17h00 (closing time) in order for the vehicle to be there early the next morning and also because I could not bring it in the next morning due to work commitments. I was phoned at 14h47 by Phillip from Hyundai Centurion to indicate that they are almost finish with my vehicle and he asked if they can replace the window wipers at a cost of R 374.00. I’ve indicated that I have a full maintenance plan and that should be replaced under the plan. Hyundai Centurion did not even asked if I had a maintenance plan when I booked the vehicle in or they did not even checked the system before phoning me to ask to replace something. When arriving at Hyundai Centurion at 16h00, I was shocked when I enter the reception and a picture of 3 ladies catch my eye that was busy looking at jewellery. Is that not suppose to be done after hours or maybe in lunch time. I for sure don’t think that this should be done when clients is walking in and out the whole time. The 2 ladies from Hyundai Centurion did not even bother to look up, stop with what looking at jewellery and asked if they can assist. My vehicle was also not ready when I arrived there at 16h00. They could not find the folder with my invoice and vehicle documents. We mentioned that with the last service my car was very filthy and asked that they should at least see that the vehicle is clean when I receive it back, this was not done when I arrive to pick it up. We asked that the wipers been replaced. Only the front wipers was done and not the back one. 3 boxes was given to me, 2 with the front wipers and 1 with the NEW back wipers that was in pieces and not installed on my vehicle. When my husband asked for the service manager, he could not be found in the whole of Hyundai Centurion branch. Just before leaving he went back to get a number for Hyundai South Africa and the service manager was in his office. When my husband walk in, the manager was very arrogant and did not even apologize. My husband phone Hyundai Centurion again when arrived at home to inform them about the wipers and Phillip the service consultant asked if my husband can install the wipers and my husband said that he will not because if something went wrong we will get the blame and he also again said that he is not satisfied with the service. The service manager Ian could again not get hold of or answer the telephone call to deal with a non satisfied customer. This will ensure that I WILL NEVER buy a Hyundai again and for sure not from Hyundai Centurion. Another retailer to boikot !!!!!

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