Hyundai Complaints - Not doing their job

This is a ongoing fight / issue i have with Hyundai Menlyn. Very poor service and cocky personnel. I have my car in on 60000km for a service and reported a knocking sound on the right front wheel. They replaced a steering rack on my car and it did not solve the problem. My car went back for its 90000km service and again I reported the issue that was not solved, they said they tightened nuts on my suspension which got the noise quite for a month. So the knock was back again. This time i took my car to Hyundai Wonderboom, who actually got to the core of the problem, shocks needs replacing, shock rubbers needs replacing and there are bearings that also needs replacing. The problem however is not wonderboom nor menlyn wants to replace these parts due to warrantee issues (the car is now on 112000 km +/-). After a long fight between these 2 branches menlyn branch (Jaques) agreed to fix the car on their cost. Today i once again took my car in, when I arrived this afternoon @ 17:00 to fetch something in my car, the mechanic came speeding into the parking lot with my vehecle (very unprofessional) nevertheless i spoke to him and asked if the car is fixed and wether the parts was replaced, he said no, no parts was replaced he only did what he was told to do, that was taking everything apart an lubericate everything to get rid of the noise. I am not satisfied with the service received from Hyundai Menlyn among many other people. I did not take my car back and wont take it back untill they do what they promised to do. I dont want them to touch my car further, i dont trust this dealership and lost my trust in my car. My work require long distance travel, this is causing inconvenience because i need to arrange other vehicles to travel with. What else are there that they just lubricate???
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Solution description I dont want Hyundai Menlyn to work on my car. Since wonderboom branch came to the cause of the problem i would rather let them repair my car and bill hyundai Menlyn for the expenses

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