Markhams - Gateway. Complaints - R19000.00 debit instead of R1900.00 funds not recovered.

Dear Reader,

I trust that this message finds you well.

Today was an unexpected day of running around, an emotional wreck and not knowing where your money is.

I was shocked with the service I received today at Markhams Gateway. One should expect a different kind of service in such a popular up market shopping place.
Today (Saturday 21st December 2013) I went to Markhams to pay my account. As I approached the Cashier named (Kradele) I have asked what is my installment due. She then checked and reverted back with the sum of R1900.00. I happily handed her my debit card to swipe. After entering my pin and when she had given me the receipt to sign I have noticed that she had debited my account for R19000.00. When I questioned all she did was laugh and say Sorry. At the same time I got a notification from my bank (FNB) stating that R19000.00 was reserved for purchase at Marlhams Gateway.

Being the person that I am I patiently waited for her to call the store manager (Donovan) he came and “So called” reversed the transaction.

My birthday is on Wednesday, 25 Dec and this R19000.00 was part of my shopping money. I am an extremely busy individual and I only had today (Saturday 21st Dec) to do my shopping.

I continued to wait at the store while the manager was trying to sort things out, as I refused to leave the store with out my money. This went on till 12:30pm when the store manager asked me to go to Standard Bank with him which I did. As we approached the enquiry line the female consultant said there’s nothing they can do.

I then expressed why the urgency for the return of the money and she the called a very young male team leader. Surprisingly a bank such as “Standard Bank” does not have a system which could track the funds. After a few minutes while waiting at the seating area the team leader says “There’s nothing they can do I (Kem) should approach my bank to sort this issue out.

I went back to the store with the manager hoping he would assist further but NO JOY! He then phoned his area manager and this “Heartless” person said there’s nothing she can do about it.

I sadly left the store around 2:30pm aimlessly wondering about from shop to shop looking for stuff to purchase but needless to say with the mood that I was in I just kept walking. I then visited “Sterns” and was chatting to a sales person when the store manageress over heard my conversation she approached me and I explained to her my situation.

She then tried her best to assist me and took me back to the Markham store. When we got to the till I noticed that the cashier who caused this mess up was no where to be seen.

Sterns manageress then met with Donovan the store manager for Markhams. She pleaded with Donovan to assist but he kept on saying there’s nothing he could do. Eventually she left and I was in the store at Markhams where Donovan called the call centre. I then spoke to the gentleman and he said there’s nothing they can do and its now my problem. I would have to go about tracing the money and calling around.

In the interim FNB was constantly sending me computerized messages stating that there’s a fraudulent activity in my account regarding the huge debit order.

To think of all the modern technology we have, I am quite sure that Markhams and Standard bank have hundreds of people who works for them and not a single person who could assist in any way. That is quite sad. Here we has consumers we support these stores continuosly and only by our hard earned money each one of them get their salaries at end of each month.

My questions which I raise with Markhams:
1. My time which I wasted today almost my entire day running around and standing in the store just hearing they can’t help me. Who would re-pay my time back?
2. All the phone calls which I made who is going to pay me back?
3. Most of all my Birthday – Markhams are you going to give me my day back ? Knowing that Markhams, Store Manager Donovan, and the cashier Kradele have ruined my weekend, my mood, and my birthday completely!!!

As a consumer I have full rights to my money. This certainly was not my mistake so why should I suffer some stupid persons mistake?

I certainly would not rest or put this by I want answers and I am going to take this up with every social service and consumer rights person.


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