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I applied for financial assistance through a company called provident home financial services in April 2015 with the thought that I will pay off most of my debts and repay them over period of three year, atleast that was what the contract said. I was required to pay a fee of R900, then another of R1400, when a request came that I must a further 5% of the loan which worked out to be R5000, I then had q query as I could not pay anymore. I was told it was for VAT clearance and I was dealing with a foreign gentleman. it only occurred then in my mind that this was a scam and he was begging me to pay the money as my money was on the run to the bank, I refused and asked for a refund. I was sent forms for a refund and was told to wait 17 working days which expires on the 17 June 2015. Why is it that you must wait this long for your refund? these loan companies that advertises themselves on the internet are scams and we fall on their trap because we are ineed.These foreigners are sucking our blood in our own country and should be sent back to where they came from.

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