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Please assist with the following, we received the following email on April 16

Dear Customer

We have received confirmation from Telkom that your All Inclusive ADSL line application form has been submitted for processing. As soon as Telkom confirms that your ADSL line can be activated via the Self Install Option (SIO), we will notify you.
Kind regards
MWEB Sales

And when we called previously they said that our ADSL line was already installed it just had to be transferred, today we called MWEB and they said they have had to do a re request for the ADSL line from Telkom.

We have been waiting from the 8th to have internet, it is now the 22cnd

We have gotten the ADSL router today as well, is there any way i could speed this up to either today or tomorrow, because this is becoming a problem, every time i have called the MWEB consultant had another excuse as to why i do not have internet yet.

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