After spotting an apartment on a property rental website, I contacted the agent and scheduled an appointment. The appointment was never honoured by the agent and after managing to make my way into the complex to view a similar apartment, belonging to one of the neighbours, I signed up for an apartment with Pretor. I arrived at their offices on Friday afternoon, the day of my scheduled move, with bank stamped statements in hand, to prove payment of deposit and rent and the moving truck already on its way. I was abruptly informed that until the payment showed in their bank account, I may not have the keys to the apartment. This caused me to wait for several hours until they finally agreed to give me the keys and placed the contract down in front of me. Without having been given an opportunity to browse the contract, I signed and took the keys.
Upon my arrival at the apartment, the handyman was still busy with repairs, informing me that the front door had been kicked down and he had been instructed by Pretor to simply force the door shut behind him. He however told me that because he felt bad to leave myself and my two young children with a defective front door, he would do his best to try and fix it. After two months, the rent was increased considerably. During one particular month, I paid my rent on the 5th, as I was waiting to receive my child maintenance. I was penalised with a considerably amount for the so-called ‘late payment’ and the amount, which I am unable to pay, keeps escalating. I eventually had to give my notice due to circumstances beyond my control. By this time the door had still not been fixed by Pretor. I gave a month’s written notice at the start of December and was informed that once I had returned the keys, they would inspect the apartment and return my deposit of over R6 000.00.
Once I had returned the keys, I was informed by Pretor that I would be held liable for the rent until the end of March. My deposit of over R6 000 was never returned. I lodged a complaint on Hellopeter and was phoned up by the management of Pretor on two occasions, demanding me to remove the post. Upon my refusal, their response was, ‘So, you want to fight it out?. I am still being billed by them to this day for an apartment that I am NOT occupying, which they could have rented out during the month of December already. I am a single mom, living on my own with my two children. Their refusal to refund my deposit knocked the wind out of my sails financially and now I am still being billed thousands of rands by them. I don’t know how I am going to survive this financially. I wish that I had never crossed paths with them.

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