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To whom this may concern

I would at this point in time like to share my most unpleasant experience I had with building a house through RB developments and more importantly Mr. Allen Rheeder. I am writing this letter hoping that if I could just save one family from the sub standard work Mr. Rheeder’s company provides and having to give him your hard earned money I would really feel like this letter by itself was a great success.

Six months ago I took ownership of a property that was developed by RB developments. Although the transaction at first was a great one, and Mr Rheeder really appeared like a caring honest man at first things started to become more and more pear shaped as time went on. He will play a wife and husband up against one another up to a point where you would really become frustrated with one another in order for him to avoid the attention to himself and his poor workmanship. You can expect phone calls during the day when at work forcing you to have to make on the spot decision in order to avoid delays in the building process which will be for your account although these decisions from time to time was due to his bad planning, a certain i-beam incident comes to mind here. Please note that when these incidents happen, this will almost always cost you money. Also please note that should you wish to build a home with RB developments please ensure up front that you know what your PQ amount covers, you see other developers will grant you R80 sqm for tiles with RB developments your PQ amount for tiles must also cover the cement, spacers and grouting all which account for a pretty penny leaving you with minimal amounts left for tiles. I guess that is the price people like myself have to pay for trusting a wolf in sheep’s clothing and not having much experience in the field of building that is after all why I paid a contractor, just another life lesson learned at a price to the pocket.

Also never take anything he says in person as gospel, you see when you trust him like I did, he will tell you that you can wait a bit longer to submit certain forms in order for him to complete certain tasks on your home first, then when you do not submit a form on a specified date according to a contract agreements, he will most certainly not ever recall having a conversation with you stating that you should withhold submitting forms, putting your house in the market for breach of contract hoping to score an additional R300 000 more than what he sold it to you for, leaving you and your family with the worries and stress of finding another property in a short period of time. Only after a letter from my wife explaining to Mr. Rheeder the effect of his actions could we at that point in time move forward with the transaction. At this stage we had a new found hope and excitement only to return to the same old same old. It is at the stage where the finishing touches to your home has to start where one should really get concerned please see a list of some of the issues I have experienced in this stage below

• Leaking basins, some which has been rectified before we moved in only to start leaking within two months of taking ownership
• A whole kitchen sink that came loose after three months in the property again leaking water into your cupboards, luckily I could fix this problem for about R80, you see it just would have taken a decent silicone job, but then again please do not hand him a silicone gun as he is still under the belief that you could put silicone over silicone a small error which my wife had to point out to him will never work as it will just pull loose from one another
• A leaking roof that I brought under Mr. Rheeder’s attention. After two rain storms the water had already started to damage my new laminated floors. When I asked him to come and have a look his response was that there is nothing wrong with the roof and that when it rains hard all roofs will leak.
• We have more than 50+ tiles in our house that is either cracked or chipped, this is very expensive to replace at R225 sqm
• One of our shower heads had two filters in while the other had none, when all of the building remains came down this showerhead, it left it broken needing to be replaced.
• Our third shower has almost no pressure at all leaving our guest shower almost useless to our guests
• If straight flat smooth plaster inside your house is a requirement for you, I would recommend finding someone that can actually plaster.
• The irrigation system is by far the worst I have ever came across, where normal irrigation systems heads sink below the ground, the irrigation system Mr. Rheeder puts into your property do not sink below the ground, This becomes a bit pricy again when you have accidently mowed your fourth head off the irrigation system
• Also note that you will have to remove most of the building rubble from underneath your new laid lawn, without doing this your grass will just die, and cost you to at a later stage anyway pull out your grass, also at the same time remove the poor irrigation system, pay someone to remove the rubble and pay for new grass.
• If you ask for sand blasting on your glass, you will end up not getting it, you will go through having to fight to get your money back for the sand blasting and it is at this stage where Mr. Rheeder will declare himself insolvent and only pay you back R13 a month over the next 20 years.
Now I am sure there was more problems we encountered, but I am sure you are getting the picture and I really do not want to bore you with all the details.

I would like to leave you with a final note as soon as Mr. Rheeder receives his money you can be sure to receive an email from him swearing at your wife and family. Now I am sure throughout this process I made some mistakes, albeit rookie mistakes as this was my first ever home I have build, but the biggest mistake of all is trusting RB developments and Mr. Rheeder with my money and my dream home. I will be sending Mr. Rheeder an email with the link to this letter to allow him respond as all people have the right to do so, of which I will gladly start sharing some of the emails as proof, most notable the one where he swears at my wife, now as a family man I am sure this will be of a concern to any man that has a wife.

I thank you for your time in reading this letter, and hopefully you would make the right decision when considering the right contractor to build your dream home.

Please see below my contact details if you require photos or letters send as proof.

Kind regards,

Christo Honiball
082 807 8313

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Man is a credulous animal and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for believe, he will be satisfied with his own bad believes, overlooking his own shortfalls. For the real version, please feel free to call. Allen Rheeder 0823701624

FROM : ACRHEEDER (2013-03-13 00:31:18)

Good Day For the real non days of our life version, feel free to call Allen Rheeder on 0823701624. I can supply you with contactable references that has in-dead read this poor judgement report and still used RB-Developments. PS-this is what happens if you want to help people with a OROS budget but beer taste, and any person with non RDP housing logic will realise that a story all ways has two sides. Rgds Allen Rheeder Owner of RB-Developments

FROM : RBDev (2014-11-07 15:46:22)

Good Day I decided today that I would respond, as I realised, instead of people assuming a story has one side, they can now make a informed decision. Thank you to my Client Mr Patrick Kazadi (083 623 6931) for convincing me to say my say. This was a spec house I designed. I build and sold the package to them. My biggest mistake was to build for young children with no sense of maturity. Any right person in their right mind reading this should realise this was a business transaction, with contracts, and all legal aspects was followed and signed. A complaint like this happens because if you want to build a castle with a RDP low cost housing budget you will all ways blame the builder for your poor taste, e.g buying cheap low cost shower heads, because you need money to pay for your new pool table. I tell all my clients to read this report, as to let them realise the pit falls of dishonesty and lack of mature judgement. The good thing is that after I completed my client’s houses, they all ways know that the true core problem of this complaint was with the customer’s personal issues, and lack of money. Granted, some of the items mentioned could be fixed 6 months after they moved in, as all projects does have snag lists. Baring this in mind,3 snag lists was signed off and completed by the clients, and the happy letter was send to the bank before move in. Now ask yourself, why wait 6 months later to write a report. Maybe it’s a question of a man not being able to do house maintenance and easier to blame the builder. His wife is a building inspector after all, one was never forget that a woman is all ways right, not the builder, husband or actual engineer. The only reason this complaint is still here, is because Enough time WAS spend and wasted on a man that has a penis, and his wife carry's the balls, as he could not even commit to a meeting to resolve in 2013. Kept on sending cell phone text messages insulting me and my family. I still have the proof of this as well. Thank you for your time reading this. If you want more details, feel free to contact me. I have completed more than 10 houses since building this house in 2012, and keep all transactions correspondence and references. Hope you make the right choice. Please visit my web page www.rb-developments.co.za for a third opinion. Rgds Allen Rheeder 0823701624 RB-Developments

FROM : Allen Rheeder (2014-11-08 08:33:41)

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