Regent Insurance Company Complaints - Useless Useless Useless

After numerous complaints, and threats my insurance claim is still not positively resolved – this is unacceptable & my next option would be to take them to court. In short, my house was broken into, all signs were there, most of the proof was available ie pictures of the stolen items,etc. – They rejected my claim due to “no forced entry” into my garage door. After a letter from the contractor that repaired my door, they still rejected my claim – finally after i started complaining online, they reviewed my claim. The “Assessor” contacted my contractor & advised him that he wants to meet with myself and him, and that he(Contractor) needs to advise me when he has time & when the meeting takes place. As my contractor is a busy man, the meeting can probably only happen in a week or 2(AnOTHER F###ing delay!!). I emailed the director of the company as well as the staff early this morning and advised them that im going to publicly make everyone know how useless they are, if they dont reply by 15h00 today – its now 15h00 & NO REPLY as usual. The Assessor/Loss Adjustor reckons it is IMPOSSIBLE for a motorized door to be lifted +-1 meter, thus he probably then feels my stolen goods grew feet and walked the F##k out of my house….Regent insurance company is the most useless, money-robbing, skelm people that ive seen in a long time, and they are going to get to know me very VERY well in the next few weeks to come. I Claimed R83000 and i was covered for R90 000, even though more than R150k worth of items were stolen from my home, but they go on like i STOLE my OWN STUFF!….or Like im a fraudster claiming R1mil worth of items even though i just hid it under my bed!! They are not even worth a sorry excuse for a short term home insurance company!!!

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