Samsung Complaints - Collaboration Disaster

To Samsung, Cell C & First National Bank

I feel that i cannot completely express my dissatisfaction and disappointment with your service. I can only describe it as if I sent you a beautiful wrapped present on your birthday, and upon opening said package, you find a half a bottle of Windolene and two AA batteries. Do you know that feeling of disappointment? Do you really? However i will try depict my frustration as accurately as possible, before you fixate on the batteries too much.

One sunny day this time last year, i received a phone call from FNB to inform me that i qualify for a cell phone contract. I was quite happy as my current cell phone was losing all life and decided that it would leave me after years and years of service. At that time, i had no trouble with my service provider, which i feel you should know this vital piece of information, as it was not the reason for my abandonment of such great service for almost a decade.

However i succumbed to this deal proposed by your 3 collaborating companies, with slogans like “How can we help you?”, “The power is in your hands” and “The next big thing”, how can you miss an opportunity like this, i believed i would be in for exceptional products and service. Which turned out to be a rather disappointing below average eighties adult film, with the same slogans repeated in every scene.

Well i digress. You may have lost any intention of continuing to read this complaint letter, but i shall continue with the hope that this will reach you by telegraph, smoke signal or pigeon mail.

I received my smart phone at the beginning of last year. Thinking that this magnificent device would make my life easier, as all new technology should, I believe this is your intention through all your advertising.

Alas this is not the case, this device decides to turn itself on and off again at any time it feels is the most suitable time to aggravate myself and I’m sure many other disgruntle users out there. But that’s not all, with this great, great phone i get the added bonus of not receiving phone calls and smses on a regular basis until i turn my phone on and off again. And Cell C obviously feels that receiving my calls whenever someone chooses to contact me, is a preposterous idea. I should receive all this information one day a week.

So like a broken cistern in a bathroom, whereby you have to lift the lid every time you need to flush, you systematically have created the need for me to constantly switch off and on my phone, somewhat of a ‘turd in the drinking water’ expression comes to mind. I do believe that your two companies should provide this information in fine print in all your documents. And in the case that you have, I apologise silly me for not reading the proper instructions on how i should properly use my phone.

Step one: Turn phone on an off on a daily basis

Step two: In the event that your phone switches itself on and off again, by its own means, do not be alarmed! The important call you were having can be continued in approximately two to five minutes.

Don’t worry FNB i have not left you out, i wonder during your process of collaborating with Cell C & Samsung were there underhanded dealings whereby you all agreed that the bar of service would be raised to the weakest link? Similar to that of, no child left behind?

I’m aware that you may direct me to the nearest store, whereby you will hijack my phone and leave me defenceless for a further 6 weeks, how will be able to receive my weekly phone updates. But i think your three corporations can put your heads together and come up with a better plan, seeing that you have put me in this predicament, and obviously I’m at the end of my tethers, a year later.

What I do promise to you, that when you call me, well if you get through that is, I will not put you on hold, I will not play any elevator music (The shnazzy music that plays in elevators, supermarkets, amusement park lines, and the YMCA’s men locker room. – urban dictionary) and I will not record your telephone call for quality purposes.

My dearest and closest friend recently invested in one of your Samsung smart phones and changed over to Cell C, and i am starting to believe that your corporations may be out to get us and ruin our friendship as we no longer can contact one another, but that may be the all in my head.

But i hope we all can still be friends, well once this mess has been sorted out, of course.

Lynette De Sousa

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