Saunderson Attorneys Complaints - Saunderson Attorneys – No Divorce after 19 Months of waiting

I contacted Saunderson Attorneys in October 2012 to do my Divorce and paid them there fee immediately thereafter to start the process as quick as possible.
On my first emails that was sent to her I asked the question to her how long it would take and this was her reply from her email “If there is not disagreement between you then it will take 2 months to process your divorce”
On the 14th April 2014, I received a call from Melissa and was informed by her to now appear in the High court on the 17th April at 09h00. I thought well this is the end now and soon it will be all over.
I received a SMS from Brad Saunders shortly thereafter on the 17th April2014
“Me Bekker, I asked Melissa to contact you with regard to a possible problem on your summons specifically about the time lapsed since service was effected. I have met with the Judge in chambers and she has reviewed the file. There is no problem with the divorce petition but we have been asked to add an affidavit to the file. I will email the affidavit this afternoon and ask that you sign over the weekend. Melissa will arrange to collect it in Tuesday morning and deliver it to court where I will meet again with the Judge and she will grant the divorce in chambers. You are not required to attend and your final decree will be available on Friday next week. I apologies for the length of time this matter had taken and ask for your continued patience. Your divorce will be final on Tuesday. Regards, B Saunderson.
Well Mr B Saunderson and Mellisa Saunderson you promised me I would receive my final decree on the 25th April 2014, it’s the beginning of June and still I have not received anything.

The Affidavit you requested from me that would have been the last document needed by the Judge was also completed delivered to your office.

I wonder what new excuse do you have for me this time, are you going to be blaming your internet connection or email problems or the judge was not available again, these excuse was used too many times.

Mellisa avoids calls and NEVER responds to emails. She does not respond to emails and often rejects calls and there is always some problem with their emails.
For a supposed “Law Firm,” their behaviour is highly unprofessional and suspiciously evasive…

I am tired after 19 Months of struggling now and want results from Saunderson Attorneys.

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