Sharemax Investments Complaints - Repayment of Contributions

On 15 April 2010 we’ve started with an R 500.00 premium investment at Sharemax Investment Pty (Ltd). The investment was paid by a debit order on a monthly frequency. On Sunday 25 July 2010 we’ve noticed an article in the Sondag Rapport regarding Sharemax. In this article it was mentioned that there might be a possibility that the investor’s contributions be in danger if they do not comply with certain regulations and my husband and I decided as we’ve previously had a bad experience with an investment that we would cancel our premium investment with immediate effect. On Sunday 25 July at 16h54 I’ve send a email to the premium department (for the attention: Amanda Olckers, Willie Botha (Director), Andre Brand (Director) and Gert Goosen (Director) whereby I informed Sharemax Investment Pty (Ltd) of the immediate cancellation of our R 500.00 premium investment. I’ve asked for the process and procedures for the paying back of our 4-month contribution (April 2010 to July 2010), which total up to R 2000.00. On Monday 26 July 2010 I’ve faxed the cancellation letter, which was emailed to the persons: 09h10 to Mr Johan Smit (Johan Smit Brokers), 09h11 to admin department (Sharemax Investment Pty), 09:13 to Amanda Olckers (Premium department at Sharemax Investment Pty), 09h15 to Mr Willie Botha (Director), Andre Brand (Director) and Gert Goosen (Director) at Sharemax Investments Pty. On 26 July 2010 I’ve received an email from Mr Johan Smit (Johan Smit Brokers) whereby the investors are given the reassurance that they investments are not in danger and at 14h10 I’ve send a confirmation letter to Mr Johan Smit (Johan Smit Brokers) to confirm that we want to proceed with the cancellation. On 27 July 2010 at about 13h00 I’ve received a telephone call from Mr George Schmahl regarding my cancellation and he said that he would send me a document regarding the article in the newspaper. I’ve asked him regarding our 4-month contributions (April 2010 – July 2010), which total to R 2000.00. He said that the paying back would be done as soon as possible. I’ve said to Mr Schmahl that we still want to proceed with the cancellation. On 24 August 2010 (a month after the cancellation) I’ve followed up the progress of the paying back of our contributions with an email to Amanda Olckers (Premium department) at Sharemax Investments. On 31 August 2010 I’ve contacted Amanda Olckers (Premium department) at Sharemex Investments as I didn’t received any feedback on email. I was informed that the repayment is almost ready to be released as it is for signature at the director. On 1 September 2010 I’ve received an email from Mr Gert Goosen (respond to email from 24 August 2010). Mr Gert Goosen stated that the progress would be followed up immediately. On 3 September 2010 at about 09h30 I’ve send an email again to Amanda Olckers to follow up on progress of repayment as it was already 1 month and 10 days. I’ve also informed Sharemax Investment Pty (Ltd) that if my money is not in my bank account by Monday 6 September 12h00 I will take further action. Amanda Olckers phoned me at 10h26 and said that the application is now at the Director for signature and she will ask him to phone me immediately. At 12h35 Mr Gert Goosen phoned me and said that he acknowledge the receipt of my email and am aware that I will proceed with further action as mentioned in email. He gave me an amount that will be paid back and said that it is the 3-month contributions. I’ve corrected him and said it is 4 months (R 2000.00). He said that he is only aware of 3 months but will follow it up and contact me again. I am still waiting for his call. On 6 September 2010 at 12h00 my money was not in my account and I’ve send an email at 14h00 to inform them that I will now proceed with further action. I have received feedback from Riette Lottering (client service) on 6 September 2010 that said our application for repayment is laying on Mr Gert Goosen’s table and the premium department is just waiting for his instruction. Contact Information: Sharemax Investments Email addresses: Premium Department, Admin Department, Amanda Olckers, Willie Botha (Director), Andre Brand (Director) and Gert Goosen (Director) Telephone and fax numbers: Premium Deparment Tel: 012 425 5062 Fax: 086 508 4317 Admin Department Tel: 012 425 5000 Fax: 086 508 4317 Amanda Olckers Tel: 012 425 5062 Fax: 086 508 4317 Willie Botha Tel: 012 425 5000 Fax: 012 346 4443 Andre Brand Tel: 012 425 5000 Fax: 012 346 4443 Gert Goosen Tel: 012 425 5000 Fax: 012 346 4443 Cell Phone numbers: Mr Gert Goosen Tel: 082 561 3751 I think that we gave Sharemax Investments more than enough time (1 month and 11 days) to repay our 4-month contributions of R 2000.00. It is not a huge amount that needs to be paid back and I think waiting 1 month and 10 days is unnecessary. We request that the whole amount of R 2000.00 be paid back as we’ve had some expenses during the cancellation as we have to phone and send emails to follow up the progress. I also incur expenses for stopping the debit order at my bank.

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