Smollan Complaints - Disgrace

Please note my concern expressed via the Smollan Group page below:

It is a fantastic state of affairs when a company of this nature is able to maintain pretenses even though employees are struggling to merely get a decent salary at the end of the month and constantly being exploited. Managers are clueless, chain of command protocol is pathetic and employees are constantly threatened with disciplinary processes, relocation and salary cuts. The campaign I refer to is your esteemed Samsung representation. A company of that magnitude and vision is to be represented in South Africa by this means? I type this with a heavy heart as for the past year, not one single month has my husband’s remuneration been correct. Overpaid then underpaid, deductions taken off and now to a whole new low of R150 commission for an entire month’s work. Complete and utter incompetence. Managers are there to serve as an interface between higher ups and the retail staff, yes? Then pray tell, why your managerial and human resource staff are so incompetent? Why in a company of this magnitude is there no stability and recognition for staff who over achieve constantly. It may be easy for one to say “Find another job if you are unhappy”, but we are not fresh out of school teenagers who can afford to jump from job to job. We have a family to support, bills to pay… you know, the normal human things a job enables one to do? I have submitted my complaint through to Samsung with the hope that the incompetence of this company would be brought to light. This will not be the last instance that you hear from me. The Samsung contract should be taken away from you pathetic imbeciles.

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