Sony Complaints - Sony Xperia Z3 not waterproof

Good day

On the 14th of December 2014 I bought a Z3 . Twenty Days later I took a photo underwater and the device immediately gave problems. I gave it in to my Sony authorised repair Centre where they told me the phone would be repaired for free. I have contacted them and they have informed me that the phone has water damage and they cannot repair the device(void of warranty) . This is simply unacceptable I have not scratched the phone or let it fall once. I cannot accept that my brand new phone(first time I bought a Sony Xperia) is now completely broken and not covered by the warranty.
I have contacted Sony and they told me to take it up with the Repair centre and the repair Centre told me to take it up with Sony. I urgently need assistance with get my phone fixed.
I firmly believe I have done nothing wrong in breaking the phone and left no ports open.
Please assist in getting the phone fixed or replaced.

IMEI 355188066407556 Model D6603

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