Spur Complaints - Insult to Injury

Last October for my birthday we went to spur for supper and they kinda killed the whole birthday vibe by leaving me sat watching everyone around me eat while they not once but twice messed up my order. I left home hungrier than when I arrived, miserable because I had just experienced some of the worst service I have ever encountered in the catering industry. But they have just toped themselves. The following day I was invited back by the Manager for a meal on the house to apologize for the incident, (whenever you are in the store just ask the manger on duty to check the reference book and they will sort you out). I went back to the store this evening and was turned away like a common beggar, leaving me feeling let’s say just a little bit insulted. The manager would not even entertain the idea simply dismissing my claim as if thou I was trying to pull one over on her and sent me packing. And then when I explained that I was unhappy once again and would complain as it did not seem as thou she was performing her duties, the idea was met with the most confrontational behavior I have come across from a manager. Simple: a warm, relaxed, family-friendly environment, that’s not been my experience.

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