Standard Bank Complaints - Standard Bank “Moving you Backward”

My husband and I applied online for a new Home Loan. I had already had a previous bond with Standard Bank (2005-2011) which was always paid and not to forget the fact that I paid more than the actual bond repayment. Firstly, we had to get the documents refaxed as some were missing. Secondly, my husband who earns between R21000.00 and R28000.00 got declined due to affordability. Now this is a JOINT home loan, meaning my salary is also added. This gives us approximately R 32000.00. Our expenses INCLUDING RENT, FOOD etc is R 16-18 000.00 per month. Leaving us with a fair amount left over. Standard Bank declined us. AFFORDABILITY. I would like to make know that our ITC was clear, our FINANCES were clear – all cleared by Standard!!! But yet we cannot afford to buy a house. Our salaries combined qualify us for R1,287,531.00 (according to STANDARD BANK website!!!!) We applied for R745,000.00 which would include Bond costs etc and would be over 30 years. The arrogant part of all is that our application had to be recaptured excluding rent on the expenses. STILL AFFORDABILITY. Not once has anyone phoned from Home Loans to explain. This is disgusting.

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