Status Mark Properties Complaints - Refund of Rental Deposit

I rented a property which the lease was taken over by Stats Mark Proerties, I had ongoing maintenance issues and was given notice. I queried whether the outstanding issues would be resolved during my notice period, the answer was no, I then notified them I will be moving earlier as was not prepared to stay out the remainder of the lease in the current property condition. I move end May 2013. I am now b told after months of querying my refund that no refund is due to me due to breach of contract. The breach was initially from their side but coz I did not advise them to remedy the breach its still my problem and no refund is due to me. The property is in a better condition than when I first moved in, I did improvements at my own expense which benefited the owner but I am the bad tenant and its now been made my problem.

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