Telkom Complaints - HELLKOM

I have cancer & one of the small things in my life that keeps me positive & not constantly think about the possibility/inevitability of dying, is playing Online Gaming & therefor I need lots of data.
I have been an excellent client of Telkom for almost 2 years & have in most cases spent 4 times the Rank value of my original monthly contract with them & decided to upgrade when they launched their 50GB deal.
Since upgrading, Telkom have put unnecessary stress into my life by suspending my account every month due to their internal miscommunication, lack of admin skills, blame gaming, passing the buck, etc.
After NUMEROUS calls, store visits, mails etc they still to not grasp the concept of Customer Service & expect me as a client that have done EVERYTHING correctly (payments up to date, etc), to accept that I have suffer while they sort out their internal mess!
Unfortunately Telkom has a monopoly on wireless access in the Country, so the following must happen: Telkom must re-activate my account IMMEDIATELY & compensate me for my time, stress, etc. OR they must cancel my contract, refund me for my payment already made for this month, make sure not to block my router & pay for the installation, deposit, etc & a year subscription of the new service provider of my choice!
Telkom is aware of my health status & cancer in not a laughing matter, but they have chosen to make my life a further HELL!

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