THE GUITAR SCHOOL Complaints - Breach of Contract

The owner Johan Swart of The Guitar School, breached our contract – he said that my contract expires on the 24 April 2013, and now when I wanted to complete my contract he said I am not allowed to without payment. I made 12 payments – last payment was made in December 2012. He said I must pay in the contract date not outside of it. So if I want exstra lessons I must pay for it, but my contract only ends 24 April 2013. So I am confused on how can anyone just change the contract like that and then he also told me his lawyer said that it is the correct way so I am at fault> So what type of laywer does he have that handles the cases like this. Will not recommend anyone to this school, I received bad service, and his place looks like a dump, you stumble over things to go to class he says a school but I cant see a school

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