Verimark Complaints - This is what we must get used to

I called Verimark Centurion the 14th to order some parts to repair a machine I bought through Verimark. I was told by Solly that he would call me by Friday when the parts come. I received no call and the next week I couldn’t wait longer so the 22nd I called again and was promised by Ntumilebo that they will call by Friday when the parts arrive. Friday afternoon I drive all the way to the store to ask why no one called and Solly again said will call me later the day when the parts arrive? (well why not just call with any feedback???) Well it’s the 26th and still waiting for this magical promising call to happen. Is this the service I have to get used to from Verimark? I even went in store to confirm my details and they have it?

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