2 days ago I lodged a complaint against Zando and my refund. I was called very quickly to advise they were LOOKING into this and will sort it out. Please can they offer me vouchers to keep me as a customer. I said NO i dont want any BRIBES. if they had treated me right in the first place they wouldnt need to offer clients free vouchers. All i want is my refund of R 2981.

I have been querying this since the 15th of October and constantly delayed. I am starting to wonder is Zando financially strapped that they cant refund my money???

I received a refund of R 229 and that is all when my order was originally R 3210 now i sit and wait for my R2981. I was told yesterday that the “guy” who was doing this was off sick and they were waiting for his return. Seriously a big company such a ZANDO relys on ONE person to sort out my refund that i have been waiting for 3 weeks ???

On top of this all i have asked numerous times to stop SPAMING me with emails and they are still doing so everyday.

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